Reserve de la Comtesse 2014

Reserve de la Comtesse 2014 Fassprobe (2015): "The Reserve de la Comtesse 2014 is a blend of 51% Cabernet Sauvignon and 41% Merlot that comes from a selection made in the winery through blind tastings, including 6% vin de presse. It has a tightly-wound, graphite-scented bouquet that would actually suggest a higher proportion of Cabernet Sauvignon then there actually is. The palate is medium-bodied with edgy, chalky tannin on the entry with plenty of dark berry fruit. There is an insistent grip on the finish that does not offer enormous persistence, but you have the sense of coiled-up energy and so it may gain more depth and breadth throughout its elevage. The black pepper note on the aftertaste is an added bonus." 90-92/100 Punkte - Trinkreife: 2019 - 2035 "Tiefes Purpur, satt in der Mitte, Granatschimmer am Rand. Fein milchiges, holundriges Bouquet, völlig offen und mit ansprechender Aromatik. Cremiger Gaumen mit viel Charme. Da kann man schon beim ersten Kontakt in ein paar Jahren enorm viel Spass daran haben." Trinkreife: warten (2018 - 2029) - 17/20 Punkte "The cassis bush and tobacco leaf notes spike a medium-weight core of red and black currant fruit. A hint of iron keeps this grounded in terroir, but this remains generally accessible in feel.-J.M." 88-91 /100 Punkte
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