Château Filhot 2014

Château Filhot 2014 Fassprobe (2015): "The Chateau Filhot 2014 is a blend of 60% Semillon, 36% Sauvignon Bland and 4% Muscadelle, with 135 grams per liter residual sugar. It had to follow some mighty fine Sauternes and Barsacs in my tasting and regrettably its deficiencies on the nose were all too obvious: a lack of fruit and intensity, a little"wishy-washy" for want of a better word. The palate is slightly better. The entry is a little shrill with plenty of citric fruit, but is lacks harmony and viscosity, lacks a sense of conviction. I am convinced that there is simply too much reliance on Sauvignon Blanc when Semillon would serve it better. As such, the Filhot comeback will have to wait." 85-87/100 Punkte - Trinkreife: 2018 - 2030 "Leuchtendes, helles Gelb mit grunlichem Schimmer. Der erste Nasenkontakt riecht nach erkaltetem, just abgefackeltem, bengalischem Zundholz, fast schwefelartige Beitöne, Ziegenleder. Im Gaumen mit guter Säure, feinrassig, aber der Druck lässt deutlich nach. Ein Wein in seiner eigenen Kasse. Wobei Klasse mit Fragezeichen zu verstehen ist." Trinkreife: warten (2024 - 2045) - 15/20 Punkte
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