Château Certan de May 2012

Château Certan de May 2012 Flaschenbewertung (Mai 2015): "From proprietress Odette Barrau-Badar, this vineyard, which is fabulously located just adjacent to Vieux Chateau Certan, Petrus and La Fleur Petrus, has produced a 2012 with a dark plum/purple color. There is often considerable Cabernet Franc in this blend, and I think that comes through in this wine with its notes of forest floor, earth and spice. It is fragrant, medium to full-bodied, rich and savory. This is another meaty, concentrated, very successful 2012 Pomerol It should drink well for 20 or more years." 91/100 Punkte - Trinkreife: 2015 - 2035 Round and easygoing with sweet tannin and early accessibility, the precociously formed 2012 Certan de May exhibits notes of bay leaves, black currants, black cherries and underbrush. Ripe and medium-bodied, it is made somewhat in the style of Latour a Pomerol, but slightly more herbaceous. I liked it for its depth, richness and early drinkability. Consume it over the next 10-12+ years. 89-92/100 Punkte Aufhellendes Granat mit mittlerer Dichte, feiner Rand. Früchtetee, rote Grütze, Kamille, Anis, Fenchelsamen, Nuancen von fernöstlichen Gewürzen, dahinter Brombeerengelée. Im Gaumen für zuerst einmal erstaunlich zugänglich während der Primeurphase, wirkt mittelgewichtig, erst nach dem Spucken greifen die Gerbstoffe zu. Mir scheint, dass die irgendwie ""unnoblen"" Gerbstoffe länger brauchen werden, als die Aromen durchhalten. Kann eventuell noch zulegen. Potentialwertung: 17/20 Punkte - Trinken: 2018 - 2044 This has lovely singed vanilla, black tea and sandalwood aromas mingling together, with subtle plum sauce, steeped cherry and red currant fruit hanging in reserve. Graceful and perfumy overall, but with solid latent depth on the finish. Should expand a bit more during the élevage. Tasted non-blind. —J.M. 90-93/100 Punkte An attractive sample with lovely floral and berry character. Citrus acidity. Medium-to-full body. The wine builds on the palate with very polished tannins. Delicately fruity with pretty depth. 91-92 Punkte
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